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About us

Instarama is a responsible turnkey solutions company with a global outreach. We help entrepreneurs to set up successful online businesses with web and mobile apps. More than 1,500 companies have been our clients over the past six years.

Our development team has built up vast expertise in e-commerce marketplace, health sector, on-demand economy, edtech market and live video streaming. We are constantly looking for new niches to fill with our products and services.

Culture and Values

Unity helps us to continuously provide our customers with outstanding services. Our team is united around four core values.


Every team member strives to constantly improve their expertise.


We approach our work with enthusiasm and vigor.


Our commitment to excellence is almost maniacal.


We are very open and transparent with our clients about what we do and how we do it.

What We Do

White label turnkey products, White label services for agencies (dedicated white label developers, designers, QA and project managers)

We employ talented English-speaking architects, developers, engineers, testers and designers, who are experts in all the emerging web and mobile technologies and understand different corporate cultures. They are dedicated, reliable and innovative. All of our developers have Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science; many of our programmers hold Master’s degrees and PhDs from the world’s most prestigious universities.

How we work

Our regular work process can be broken up into nine easy to understand stages:

We study the client’s requirements to come up with a ballpark estimate. We get in touch with the client by phone to get more details. We outline the project’s specs. The exact cost and duration of the project are agreed on. The agreement is signed. We go into the development process. Our QA team monitors the development. A fully functional project has been launched. We support and maintain the project on a regular basis

Our headquarters

Instarama was proudly founded and headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Our office is located in the city center which helps us to hire many talented people from any its parts.

We also have our marketing and operations team located at Silicon valley of India: Bengaluru. We provide fast support no matter where our buyers are.

Instarama. Grow your company with out-of-the-box IT solutions.