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Companies of any size will benefit from a wide range of solutions at Instarama’s disposal. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, Android, AngularJs, HTML5, iOS, jQuery, JS, Node.js, PHP and Python.

Live video streaming

Powered by advanced technologies, you can now hold teleconferences and livestream your events. Enjoy smooth interaction and perfect quality. Take your website to the next level with technologies like WebRTC.

E-commerce marketplace

Open up a flow of products and services. Our developers will use their extensive knowledge of MEAN stack (mongoDB, expressJS, AngularJS, Node.js) to set up a customized marketplace for your particular audience.

On-demand market

The on-demand economy’s growth is rapid and irreversible. Capitalize on it by offering users instant access to attractive offers. Our solutions are based on NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB, Native Android and iOS.


Remember how financial services were revolutionized by IT? Education is facing a similar revolution, with endless opportunities to investors. Why not become one of the early colonists in the land of digital education?

Social and dating

Users no longer see old-school social networks as a safe place. The networking and dating industry is moving towards more privacy. The company that satisfies the demand for privacy will win this game.

Secure a powerful launch and extraordinary support.

Rely on the outstanding expertise of the Instarama team to secure a powerful launch and extraordinary support for your project.

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