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august all hands meet

All hands Meeting – August 2019

When we gather together for the all-hands meeting, we keep things simple. We discuss everything about where the company is headed and analyze our efforts to improve day after day. Last week, we used the opportunity to discuss a variety … Read More


All Hands Meeting – July 2019

An all-hands meeting is more than a formal gathering with a lot of other things on the desk. It’s an opportunity to ponder about overall development of the employees and appreciate their contributions towards the organization. At Instarama, we strongly … Read More

books for entrepreneurs

20 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Have you ever wondered about that one thing common in world’s wealthiest people? Most of them have acclimated themselves in reading books. Books lead us to a new way of thinking and teach us how to become successful in life. … Read More


All Hands Meeting – June, 2019

Half a year is over. On the midst of the year in June, we finally experienced and convinced that we’ve been working on for weeks dedicatedly. The reflected work of each employee on the pathway of growth is really phenomenal … Read More

New Instarama office

Peek Inside Instarama’s New Office

Work environment always impacts the employee’s mood, drive, and performance. To feel confident and motivated, the employees need to work in a friendly atmosphere. Thus it will create a productive work environment and give success to the company. As the … Read More

Mobile App Development Frameworks

10 Best Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2019

For many entrepreneurs seeking mobile apps for business, all mobile apps are the same. An Android app that runs on Android devices and an iOS app that works on iOS devices. However, this is not the scene with mobile app … Read More

Top Features to Look Before Choosing an eCommerce Solution

E-Commerce is a colossal arena with gigantic arrays of business models. Today, eCommerce sites have become an inseparable part of our daily lives and somehow we tend to interact with them on a regular basis. From buying grocery supplies, picking … Read More

All Hands Meeting Highlights [April 2019]

As we know the spring is the season of activity and growth, our team members, managers, and senior leadership emphasized positive feedback and recognition on the ‘All Hands Meeting’ of April. The days are getting warmer as summer comes and … Read More

Node js eCommerce

Reasons Why Node.js is the Best Framework to Build an eCommerce Marketplace

Developing an eCommerce store from scratch is a tough task. A whole team of programmers, database managers, designers, testing engineers, and SEOs work together to shape an overall web store with competitive features. Different developers choose different tech stacks to … Read More

Movie for entrepreneurs

20 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Entrepreneurship is one a boom in the era of Startups and business ventures. If you have an idea, go for it. The perseverance does pay off in the long run. All you need is a change in perspective and a … Read More