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All Hands Meeting Highlights [February 2019]

Every manager is obligated to held regular staff meetings. While some treat these meetings as just obligations, we at Instarama utilize this moment to analyze our progress, share thoughts, plan for next, and celebrate the accomplishments. We held a similar … Read More


A Memorable Trip to Sakleshpur

What could a company do for team building in a newly formed team? Conceivably, a party with dance and good food would do the job. However, we did not want just to do the job; we wanted to make it … Read More

All Hands Meet Jan

All Hands Meeting Highlights January 2019

Picking out some-time from the tight schedule and meeting with the whole workforce is expensive and risky. It challenges your leadership skills to encourage everyone and making them believe each of them are valuable for the company. An all hands … Read More

All Hands Meeting Dec 3

Instarama’s all Hands Meeting – (December 2018)

As we continue to realize our customary all-hands meetings, the session for December was a grand success. It had the additional enthusiasm of the Christmas month plus the positive vibes of already anticipated success in sales and marketing numbers. The … Read More

All Hands Meeting Nov 2

Instarama’s all Hands Meeting – (November 2018)

Focusing on the purpose of steering, not just another monthly meetup, but also a way to build team bonding and appreciate everyone’s efforts, we started realizing all hands meetings a few months ago. Proving a wise move, the event helped … Read More

October Performer of the month

All Hands Meeting at Instarama (October 18)

To align our team members on their way, we host regular all-hands meetings. The last all-hands meeting at Instarama was a successful one and we got a clearer picture of what is next to achieve. Like our previous all-hands meeting, … Read More

Instarama’s all Hands Meeting – (Sept 2018)

Appreciation at work is something that is very crucial for an employee to confirm if their work is valued at the organization. For a company, it is about timely recognition of an employee’s behavior, effort or business result that supports … Read More

All hands meeting at Instarama (Aug’18)

Taking time to assess the progress, mission and the direction we are heading is essential in every organization’s growth journey. This should happen frequently, in a monthly or a quarterly basis, and setting short term goals can highly influence the … Read More

Life at Instarama

The influence of a right workplace on creativity and innovation among employees is exceptional. Well established companies like Google and Facebook, when they started had only one thing in mind. To give their employees a space that can naturally enhance … Read More

Mobile apps Vs Chat bots – What does your business need?

Opportunities for business expansion in the present day digital world are aplenty. Every business requires a website to display its content. The world is shifting to an era where the usage of mobile devices shall no longer be confined to … Read More