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Node js eCommerce

Reasons Why Node.js is the Best Framework to Build an eCommerce Marketplace

Developing an eCommerce store from scratch is a tough task. A whole team of programmers, database managers, designers, testing engineers, and SEOs work together to shape an overall web store with competitive features. Different developers choose different tech stacks to … Read More

Movie for entrepreneurs

20 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Entrepreneurship is one a boom in the era of Startups and business ventures. If you have an idea, go for it. The perseverance does pay off in the long run. All you need is a change in perspective and a … Read More


Introducing StreamTunes – SoundCloud Clone Script

It was back in 2005; they introduced Pandora to music lovers. The ability to listen to the music without filling the phone storage enticed smartphone users. Soon music streaming became a standard way, and people adopted this trend with complete … Read More


All Hands Meeting Highlights [March 2019]

Many Backgrounds, One Report: We believe that different perspectives in the workplace can lead to better business ideas. With the needs and interests of the global community, we’re constantly working to create a more trusting and collaborative environment at Instarama. … Read More

Instarama Products

Brands and Products of Instarama – An Overview

Who are we? Instarama is a global turnkey business solution provider helping businesses of all spheres to set up, promote, and run their operations with greater ease. We understand the advancements of trends in technology, and hence deploy cutting-edge tools … Read More

All Hands Meeting Highlights [February 2019]

Every manager is obligated to held regular staff meetings. While some treat these meetings as just obligations, we at Instarama utilize this moment to analyze our progress, share thoughts, plan for next, and celebrate the accomplishments. We held a similar … Read More


A Memorable Trip to Sakleshpur

What could a company do for team building in a newly formed team? Conceivably, a party with dance and good food would do the job. However, we did not want just to do the job; we wanted to make it … Read More

All Hands Meet Jan

All Hands Meeting Highlights January 2019

Picking out some-time from the tight schedule and meeting with the whole workforce is expensive and risky. It challenges your leadership skills to encourage everyone and making them believe each of them are valuable for the company. An all hands … Read More

All Hands Meeting Dec 3

Instarama’s all Hands Meeting – (December 2018)

As we continue to realize our customary all-hands meetings, the session for December was a grand success. It had the additional enthusiasm of the Christmas month plus the positive vibes of already anticipated success in sales and marketing numbers. The … Read More

All Hands Meeting Nov 2

Instarama’s all Hands Meeting – (November 2018)

Focusing on the purpose of steering, not just another monthly meetup, but also a way to build team bonding and appreciate everyone’s efforts, we started realizing all hands meetings a few months ago. Proving a wise move, the event helped … Read More