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All Hands Meeting – December 2019

Last week was the first all-hands meeting of 2020. Held on January 8, 2020, it’s was a fun and interesting event for our Instarama family. Ranging from managers to junior interns, all came together to discuss our report card for … Read More


Instarama All Hands Meeting – November

The one-way broadcast from powers is a bad way to manage a business. Executives talking from the stage while the audience listens to them dutifully are not all-hands meetings at all. What we care about is a chance for everyone … Read More


Instarama All Hands Meeting: September

We usually evaluate successful event collaborations of the past month and look at what’s coming next in the All Hands Meeting. After we set the atmosphere for the meeting, we come to know the updates on our business priorities, goals, … Read More

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All hands Meeting – August 2019

When we gather together for the all-hands meeting, we keep things simple. We discuss everything about where the company is headed and analyze our efforts to improve day after day. Last week, we used the opportunity to discuss a variety … Read More


All Hands Meeting – July 2019

An all-hands meeting is more than a formal gathering with a lot of other things on the desk. It’s an opportunity to ponder about overall development of the employees and appreciate their contributions towards the organization. At Instarama, we strongly … Read More


All Hands Meeting – June, 2019

Half a year is over. On the midst of the year in June, we finally experienced and convinced that we’ve been working on for weeks dedicatedly. The reflected work of each employee on the pathway of growth is really phenomenal … Read More

All Hands Meeting Highlights [April 2019]

As we know the spring is the season of activity and growth, our team members, managers, and senior leadership emphasized positive feedback and recognition on the ‘All Hands Meeting’ of April. The days are getting warmer as summer comes and … Read More

All Hands Meeting Highlights [February 2019]

Every manager is obligated to held regular staff meetings. While some treat these meetings as just obligations, we at Instarama utilize this moment to analyze our progress, share thoughts, plan for next, and celebrate the accomplishments. We held a similar … Read More