All Hands Meeting Highlights [April 2019]

As we know the spring is the season of activity and growth, our team members, managers, and senior leadership emphasized positive feedback and recognition on the ‘All Hands Meeting’ of April.

The days are getting warmer as summer comes and we are moving towards the objective of business review meeting to discuss individual and team scorecards and growth towards a specific goal.

The purpose of the meeting is to reinforce the accountability and the action plans for the next month, identify the core competency, recognizing and celebrating success. This time two newcomers presented their first presentation through articulating the organizational vision.

Marketing and Sales Accomplishments:


  • A feeling of excitement and enthusiasm continue to get ahead to success in the marketing of ShopyGen.
  • It has experienced an enormous improvement in marketing with a critical success factor.
  • The fortitudes of social media, referral, and organic traffic in Shopygen performed well as compared to last month.


  • Adent has experienced an immense growth in the overall total users which is increased by 8.78%, total new users increased by 10.85%, and the total sessions increased by 8.98%.
  • It also experienced a remarkable growth in terms of the organic traffic which has increased immensely by 27.53%, the referral has increased at 12.03%.
  • The traffic has made a triple growth than the last year’s traffic and every channel has improved on a consistent basis.
  • The better marketing strategies allow the sales team an opportunity to highlight the ROI of the product and thus reinforcing the value to the customer.
  • Thus the sales department saw a substantial development in the base and customized products.


  • Pinlearn is steering at a fast pace in redefining the eLearning platforms into an uttermost level in the market.
  • The organic visitors were improved extremely by 48.65%.
  • Quora has managed to be at a considerably balancing to cope up with the customer base. However, the team is working rigorously to obtain more strategies to draw quality traffic from Quora and discussion forums.
  • The social & referral channel users have increased remarkably by 168% & 113% respectively, a drop in paid search users by 5%.


  • Pushmaze is slowly stabilizing and the organic traffic is increased by 58%. The direct traffic is increased by 30% and the overall bounce rate is also increased.
  • The other contributors for the balanced traffic include referral, Quora, and social sites.


  • StreamHash has seen revolutionary marketing with a lot of customizations.
  • StreamHash received a considerable boost and increase in traffic in terms of referral, organic and Quora by 10%.
  • StreamHash also managed to grow notably in terms of social media and direct traffic.
  • In terms of sales, StreamHash has achieved significant growth in terms of base products and customizations. Apparently, the version updates and new features in base products helped a lot for attaining the sales.

Feedback and Improvements:

Each review meeting in Instarama is simply indispensable. It takes a couple of hours in each month but keeps the team to speed up everything that’s going on. This also helps to plan and manage in a lean and effective way.

The feedback is the most effective way for us to continue to grow the company in the race of the ongoing process. We are constantly reviewing the processes and marketing strategies ensuring for a larger goal.

We treat feedback from the team as a management tool that helps to guide us in making good decisions. The whole team is working in a structured manner to make a great difference to our products in the near future.

As per the feedbacks of our QA team, we were managed to improve the following products last month-

  • Xcams web requirements
  • Udemy Android and iOS requirements
  • Gentask iOS app issues and requirements
  • Gentack iOS app issues and requirements

Customizations and Upcoming Products:

meet april

Customizations allow to maintain and improve the status of a product. This helps in demonstrating the customer experience by providing new features. With the continuous and spontaneous dedication of our team, we were able to upgrade StreamView 4.0 multiscreen login for TV App.

The customizations for StreamView and Tubenow have also done for multiple clients. We are in a transition phase to release the upgraded versions of different products in the next month expectantly.

ShopyGen has also launched its new product Genbnb: An Airbnb clone script which is going to be a pinnacle of strength in the market in the near future.


We always start with the numbers and manage how we performed last month compared to our forecast. Thus, we set a target comparing this month’s achievement and fix a performance for the team for the upcoming month.

More importantly, we always review the underperforming product and set a line to perform it well. The team has set up a concrete set of goals and a pathway to achieve them.

We aim to focus consistently to improve the value of products and services for the customers.

Star Performer of the Month: Sharmila Sharmila

Whether it’s a simple task or complex project, she makes it easier for successful results. Having her on the board creates an astounding synergy that makes a positive vibe in the team. Yes, she is Sharmila!!

Her highly professional approach towards her daily task is truly commendable. She has been an inspiration for the team members as well. Her exceptional performance and consistency always exceed the goals and expectations qualitatively.

Discipline and Punctuality are the two most essential traits of her that are always appreciable by the management. She not only in the good books of superiors but also a source of inspiration to all the fellow teammates.

Congrats Sharmila!!! You deserve this recognition.

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