8 Content Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Search Traffic

Have you ever wondered, what is the driving force behind the success of any website with good search traffic? It’s content marketing.

Content marketing can change the face of any website when done right. Social networks and SEO strategies completely rely on content marketing for ranking higher up on the search engines. The 2018 Content Preferences Survey Report found that 71% of the users claimed that they consumed blog content during their purchase process.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss eight best content marketing tips that will help you to boost your traffic. However, before that let’s have a brief idea about content marketing.

What is Content marketing?

You can find several fancy definitions for content marketing on the internet. To be precise, content marketing is the method of creating and publishing content in order to increase website traffic, create brand awareness, and distribute value through content to specific audiences. Content marketing is not just SEO but also helps in a lot of other aspects-

  • Attracting the customers
  • Generating leads or increase sales
  • Engaging the online community of users
  • Expanding the customer base

Take a moment and think what the internet would offer without content on the channels like websites, apps, email, or even social networks, etc. Content marketing is the medium of communication with a purpose. You can create, publish, and distribute content by defining your marketing objectives. There are numerous advantages of content marketing, SEO improvement is just one of them.

Let’s discuss some useful ways to improve your website traffic with content marking. 

What are the content strategies to follow for improving your search traffic?

The power of content marketing caters to bringing new customers, educating users, driving revenue, and building a powerful brand identity for any business. Organizations have been following content plans, but these effective content development strategies only help when combined with better marketing plans. Let’s have a look!

  1. Research and understand your audience:

Once you have a clear goal about what content to create or why you’re writing it, the next step is building out your content marketing strategy to understand who is going to read your content and whom you want to outreach.

You need to know your audience and the go-to resource for your topic. Analyze the following things while understanding your audience.

  • What resources already exist in the market?
  • What do they cover?
  • Can you create better content?
  1. Create and document content marketing plan:

After researching the market, you won’t just have to measure your content, but also uncover what your content needs to include to beat the competition. So, to implement a content marketing plan with a proper strategy, create a marketing plan. You can also tailor your content to suit your overall marketing strategy. Prepare a marketing guide about planning your digital marketing strategy. In short, document your content marketing strategy.

  1. Do proper keyword research and brainstorm content ideas:

The smartest content marketing tips doesn’t mean to simply publish and watch. You need to develop your content around keywords that your targeted audience is searching for.

Content marketing strategy helps you to reach people using your articles, blog posts, guides, e-books, guest posts, or other written content. The keywords used in the content will have a direct impact on the improvement of your search traffic.

Research and find relevant keywords and use them in the content. This will help to rank in the search engine result pages. The calculated approach of keywords will make a balance between SEO and content. Competitive keywords are also useful in a specific niche.

There are many tools to make keyword research more effective. Use Google’s Keyword Planner, a keyword analysis tool, to analyze the most popular keyword volume and competition. The Google keyword planner is a good place to start getting keyword ideas. Simply search a couple of keyword phrases into the planner and you’ll get the keyword ideas ready for you. To get some deeper keyword gems, search with your competitor’s keywords on your landing page and then start the search.

  1. Focus on high-quality links (Fix the broken links and disavow bad links from current content):

Link building is not submitting your site to directories or asking your webmasters to include a link to your site. Instead, marketers need to focus on building relationships and earning high-quality links through different methods.

  • Guest blogging on high-quality sites
  • Create amazing resources that attract social share and inbound links
  • Associate your content in a specific niche on popular sites (B2C)
  • Reach out to influential bloggers for better relationships
  1. Ensure social media as a vital component:

The usage of social media has been increasing at a rapid pace from the past decade. The social networks have seen remarkable growth worldwide. You need to make sure you have an active presence of popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. Try to get more followers on these platforms. Create encouraging posts for better engagement. Respond directly to your followers through comments or Direct Messaging. If someone follows your brand on social media, that doesn’t mean they visit your website. You need to post links to your social pages to drive traffic directly to your website.

  1. Optimize and update your current content:

Good quality and consistent content are not only good for your product and brand awareness but your SEO too! If you keep updating and optimizing your old content regularly, you would start seeing a substantial increase in organic traffic. Always try to publish relevant and consistent content to get good SEO.

Creating niche content can heavily target a particular subset of customers. You need to create extremely creative and detailed content to cover a broader niche. Identify specific niches in your industry and recognize the angles and prospects with your SEO optimized content.

  1. Produce video content:

Users want more videos from different brands. 87 % of marketers produce and publish an array of video content online. If done right, video content can increase your organic search traffic to a great level. There is also a scope to incorporate call-to-actions, as many consumers act on them after watching a video.

Your business should have a YouTube channel set up and you need to publish new videos regularly according to the customers’ needs.

Mostly the users prefer to watch a video about a product than reading about it. This is a top reason to implement videos in your content marketing strategies to increase website traffic. Try to add videos to your emails and social media pages as 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter. You can also embed the video links to your blogs. This helps in generating new leads and increase your website traffic.

  1. Do Email marketing:

With various content marketing strategies in the market, it can be tempting for brands to skip the traditional approaches. However, email marketing can play a crucial role in the advertising foundation and remain the most profitable marketing tactic as compared to any modern marketing channel.

There are different ways for brands to leverage their email subscribers to drive more website traffic. You can encourage your email subscribers to share your content with their family and friends. This would help you to generate leads from new website visitors and from your current subscribers, too.


Content is all about value. If your marketing strategy is no longer valuable to your audience, you need to rethink what you’re offering. They won’t help you to nurture leads or build trust in your brand. Hence, follow an updated business strategy that improves especially in sales, cost savings, and customer retention. Follow the above-mentioned content marketing strategies to generate website traffic and engagement; success will be yours.

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