Instarama All Hands Meeting – October

The All Hands Meeting model has always helped us to work in an open work culture that’s long been part of the identity of us holding a free discussion. The culture of transparency has been emblematic for the company’s acknowledged belief in corporate culture. It gives all the employees a chance to talk and discuss strategies and plans for the upcoming months. We discuss everything about our efforts and try to improve them gradually. The meeting is not just limited to organizational growth, but also every little thing associated with all our employees. Here is a glance at the all-hands meeting in November.

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People Management:

We’ve substantially improved our core things in the organization. Thanks to the HR Department! And yes, we’ve also made an incredible breakthrough in recruitment activities that will give us again a team spirit. Both the employee management and asset management show milestones how our scale allows driving significant improvements. It represents the core values to cherish among our employees.

The fun activities inside the office space have become a positive evolution for us. When we know the people in the workplace understand their context with the entertaining atmosphere, we can have more substantive and richer output. We’re going to keep this spirit up and make more innovative appearances.

Marketing and Sales Accomplishment:

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  • Adent:

As Adent is already among the top-performing brands, the marketing team is giving its complete efforts to make it a remarkable product.

Adent experienced a substantial improvement in terms of direct, referral, Quora, Paid search, and Social traffic. As a massive recital on the marketing front, the brand can maintain steadily improving the stream of revenue continuously from the targeted countries like the USA, UK, India, and many more.

The essential marketing strategies helped the sales team to highlight the ROI of the product and strengthening the values for our customers. These key marketing efforts reflect in the sales funnel as well. We saw the direct impact on the sales revenue. The sales team also saw positive developments in the sales figures of all the base and customized products.

  • ShopyGen:

ShopyGen, an e-commerce solution is one of our biggest assets in terms of marketing competition across all marketing channels and marketed countries. As a stable performing product, ShopyGen always continued to manage with key marketing strategies. The set of goals by the team is helping the product to grow better in the market.

The referral, Quora, direct, and social traffics continued to manage a stable scale in October. The marketing team is continually working to provide strengths to it with better marketing efforts. The sales team also reported new achievements in terms of sales from the base as well as customized products.

  • StreamHash:

StreamHash has experienced enormous progress in terms of performance in the last month. The major shares of traffic increased by 8% and 9% respectively in Direct and Referral sources. The Quora, direct, and social media traffic also provided strengths to maintain better efforts.

In terms of sales accomplishments, we noticed a sensible figure in October. Thanks to the whole Sales Team! The coordination between the team members excelled as positive figures in both the base and customized product sales could be noticed easily.

  • StartupWhale:

As a blogging platform, StartupWhale is significantly growing with the staturpreneurs and content curators to publish quality content on the website. It provides a one-stop solution for startup owners to keep up a huge pace.

It is one of our most ambitious projects and we are constantly working to grow it with the latest marketing drifts. We aim to grow this website as a source of information for businesses where everyone can get benefits from experienced professionals and entrepreneurs. Hopefully, we can see the improvements and more engagement stats in the upcoming months.

  • RentCubo:

The sharing and renting of solutions are highly competitive in the present market arena. Rentcubo, as our latest addition, which covers everything to start and scale up a new business in terms of vacation rental, co-working, self-storage, or car parking management.

While it’s still an infant, the client project is gradually attracting attention from many entrepreneurs. We could see an overall improvement of traffics from Organic, Direct, Quora, and other channels as well. The product shows a promising future and hopefully, it will become a big success factor for us soon.

Feedback and Improvements:

The All-hands meeting is incomplete without the Q&A section. It is a great opportunity to know what’s going in each product. Thus, Q&As have become one of the cornerstones of creating a culture of transparency among us.

We aim to offer bug-free solutions where the Q&A team acts as a catalyst in the cause. And apparently, the team has been working so hard to fix all bugs and improve the features as per our client’s requirements. The customer feedback and the inputs from our QA team had made it possible for us to stand apart in the market.


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The targets set for the upcoming holiday season is also sparkled in every employee’s mind. The spirit in both the marketing and sales team is elevating to get the high-points and achieve a better target for the next month. We are constantly functioning the target set by the past month and will do even better in the coming month. And yes, the constant product improvements and quality traffic will definitely strengthen our targets.

Star Performer of Month: Mani

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The efforts and time Mani had put into his job in the past three months is truly commendable. Since the time he has joined as Head of Operations, he has been displaying a great enthusiasm to grow the products professionally. He also worked overtime to gain the maximum benefit from the work. His thirst for constant improvement and caring for all the customers have come up with excellent service for the company.

A positive, go-getter attitude, and willingness to take on extra tasks with a smile helped him to get the recognition. Congratulations Mani! You deserve the ‘Star Performer of the month’ for October. We bestow upon you the reward as a gesture of appreciation.

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