All Hands Meeting – July 2019

An all-hands meeting is more than a formal gathering with a lot of other things on the desk. It’s an opportunity to ponder about overall development of the employees and appreciate their contributions towards the organization.

At Instarama, we strongly believe that happiness and growth of employees have a direct impact on how we function, and it helps us to determine where we stand in our journey. Staying transparent is the motto of our All-Hands Meetings.

We could see the enthusiasm and energy on each of our employee’s faces. One more month of hard work and commitment was achieved, and it was the time to analyze our efforts. We are determined to take lessons from the past and prepare a much better trail for the upcoming month.

It was a time to go over the key metrics, make some announcements, and also reserve a spot for our customary kudos at the end of the meeting.

People Management:

We improved considerably the nature of talent acquisition and enriched the relationships with employees by better understanding their unique roles. We work with vision and strategy and keep on repeating it to reach a new goal each month. And that’s fairly important in its own right.

Marketing and Sales Accomplishments:


  • The trends in Adent continued to get ahead towards success in the sales and marketing in the monsoon season.
  • We could clearly notice the improvements in terms of total number of users and new users as well.
  • The referral, organic, and the traffic from Quora had their fair share in the overall traffic of the website.
  • Adent could achieve a milestone growth rate in terms of several new sign-ups and inquiries.
  • The sales from base products showed decent progress, while the majority of the revenue was acquired from customizations.


  • ShopyGen, the e-commerce solution is one of our biggest assets in terms of market competition.
  • The previous month saw a significant increase across all marketing channels and the marketed countries.
  • The referral, Quora, direct, and social traffics continued to manage a stable scale in the month of July.
  • The sales department reported some new achievements in terms of sales from base as well as customized products.



  • Yet another flagship product, StreamHash continues to grow, thanks to the innovative marketing skills of the StreamHash team.
  • The website received a considerable boost and increase in traffic from all major channels like referral, organic, direct, and Quora.
  • It has also managed to grow notably in terms of social media engagements and direct traffic.
  • In terms of sales, StreamHash was able to acquire a substantial growth as compared with the previous month’s data.
  • We received fair share of revenue from both the base products and the new customization requests.


  • Pushmaze has led the board with the increase of the organic, Quora, direct traffic.
  • We could see a mild decline in the referral traffic, which we took as a lesson and planned our ways to acquire better numbers from this front as well in the upcoming month.


  • The technopreneurs are providing their ideas in one platform and their ideas feature on this space.
  • The response is quite good, and with the continuous efforts of the marketing team, we could see a significant improvements in the traffic as well.
  • We are receiving decent number of guest posts from contributors across various industries. Hopefully, the upcoming month will see a much better engagement from this front.


Feedback and Improvements:

We keep on improving our products based on customer feedback and the inputs from our QA team, which had made it possible for us to stand a par in the market. When we get the feedback from the Q&A team, it really gives us inspiration, self-confidence, and excitement. The team is working day and night on many upcoming products and services. We have several new products and upgrades in the pipeline. We are right on the schedule and hopefully will release several new updates and in the upcoming month.


The team spirit in both the marketing and sales team is elevating day by day. All the team members share their professional high-points with the colleague sitting next to them or discuss in small meetings to achieve a better target for the next month. The targets have been functioning well since the past quarter, and are becoming even better in the market.

We aim for constant product enhancements and increased quality traffics for all of our products. We planned to strengthen the presence of existing and new customers and engage more with our new line ups. Moreover, the next month data will definitely show even better numbers on all the fronts.

Best Performer of the Month:

After assessing and evaluating the performance on dedication, punctuality, and ownership of the projects, Jeffreena came out to be the best performer for the month of July.

Her distinct efforts, continuous hard work, and contribution to the project are really crucial for the organization. Moreover, it is the performance of precise set of intellectual acts that came with a shape of achievement for her.


Eventually, she has been putting her efforts in the context of marketing vision and also in sales by bringing everyone onto the same page. She always celebrates curiosity and learning more from her fellow teammates. This always motivates the team to go above and beyond to chase those business wins!

Congrats Jeffreena! You deserve this recognition and title.

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