All hands Meeting – August 2019

When we gather together for the all-hands meeting, we keep things simple. We discuss everything about where the company is headed and analyze our efforts to improve day after day. Last week, we used the opportunity to discuss a variety of affairs worth exploring. This month’s All-hands meet was not just about exploring organizational growth, but we also took the opportunity to announce some significant changes in the company’s policies, which would make working with Instarama a fun experience for employees.

We believe professional growth, but our valued employees also get a work-life balance. That’s where the company’s new leave policy aims at. Here is a glance of the all-hands meeting held on September 12, 2019-

People Management


A company is a composition of every unique talent it nurtures. We not only follow this approach for our current work-force but also while accruing the new talents for the company. Working in this direction, the HR department closed significant positions and acquired talents in both the Marketing and Sales departments. We made collaborations with various consultancies, colleges, and universities. Hopefully, we will be able to close various other positions in the upcoming months as well.

Marketing and Sales Accomplishments

It was the time to analyze the stats and craft a roadmap for the upcoming month. The previous month was a combination of ups and downs. While acknowledging the efforts of the team, we also took the opportunity to learn from the mistakes.


As usual, Adent was one of our top-performing brands. Thanks to the marketing team, our adult industry business solutions have not only been able to beat the competition but also generate significant sales revenue. Overall, it was a stable recital on the marketing front. We were able to acquire over 50% of the organic traffic from all the targeted markets such as the US and UK. More than 25% of the traffic was from direct sources, which suggests a substantial advancement in brand awareness campaigns. The improvement in the marketing front paid off. The brand was able to maintain a steadily improving stream of revenue continuously for the third month.


ShopyGen too was a mixed experience but with so many learning curves. While the overall, traffic saw a mild decline, the brand was also able to secure better engagement stats. In short, despite less traffic as compared to the previous month, we were able to check the bounce rates and also get more valid sign-ups. The efforts from the content marketing team, social media marketing, and affiliates paid-off as the referrals traffic saw a noteworthy improvement. The effects of the improved engagement could be easily noticed on the sales figures. After a deep dive in the month before, the sales figures were finally better than the target figures. We hope to improve further as we work on excelling on the marketing front as well this month.


StreamHash was a success story on the marketing front. We could easily notice a positive growth in the overall traffic. As expected, the major shares of the traffic were held by organic and direct sources, which is a good sign. The traffic from referrals and Quora were also significant, which indicates the grown-up brand awareness and people suggesting our eCommerce solutions in their content. To power-up efforts, we also launched multiple email campaigns. As a result, the sales figures were recorded at their highest point in the past 3-4 months. The overall figure was a balanced distribution of sales from the base products as well as several new customizations were closed.


The market for eLearning solutions is a highly competitive arena. Pinlearn is one of our latest additions, which covers everything required to start an online learning business. While it’s still an infant, the product is slowly attracting attention from the entrepreneurs. We could see an overall improvement of over 24% in the traffic from organic, direct, Quora, and top eLearning websites. The product shows a promising future and hopefully, it will be a big success once we are done with some major upgrades we have been working on for the past couple of months.


Being the only self-hosted and open-source push notification tool in the market, PushMaze is one of our most ambitious projects. We have been working day and night to polish the product based on the latest push marketing trends. We are working on a major upgrade, which would hopefully be a major breakthrough for the project. The marketing aimed at generating brand awareness has been going quite well. For now, we have been relying on content and social media marketing, and consequently, there has been an increase of 48% in the traffic from social media as well.


We have only recently started working full-time on our ambitious blog for entrepreneurs, and it’s already doing well. We have been receiving contributions from several entrepreneurs, content creators, and small businesses.  We are working continuously on loading the platform with quality content and a dedicated team is taking care of all the administration, editing, and marketing efforts. We aim to develop this blog into a reliable source of information for businesses, where everyone can benefit from the insights of the experienced professionals. The traffic is continually improving and previous month recorded the highest engagement stats so far.

Feedback and Improvement

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Software solutions are all about continuous improvements. We aim to offer bug-free and perfect business solutions and that’s where the feedback from QA team acts as a major support in the cause. The team has been working hard to fix all the bugs and add new features as per the feedback from our current and previous clientele. Working in the same direction the team completed QA, bug fixes, and feature enhancements of the products such as xStreamer V4, xAggregate V3, StreamTube, StreamView, and LiveLearn. Some of the products in the QA’s pipeline for the upcoming months are xScorts, StreamNow, xTalk, and Pushmaze.

Star performer of the Month – Bala Tatwick Vempati


Tatwick is one of the finest talents acquired by our HR department for the team. His contributions are spread across every product and project we work on. He has been working with us for the past couple of months and has proven to be a valuable asset for the organization. His impeccable graphic designs were delivered exceptionally in tight schedules, which helped us achieve our targets without missing the deadlines. He was unquestionably an ideal contender for the performer of the month award. Congratulations Tatwick, you have rightfully earned this recognition. Keep it up.   

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