Instarama All Hands Meeting: September

We usually evaluate successful event collaborations of the past month and look at what’s coming next in the All Hands Meeting. After we set the atmosphere for the meeting, we come to know the updates on our business priorities, goals, and other areas like sales and net retention for the last month.

There’s always something new with the business every month. The business insights and broader vision of the company help us to work in a great environment. The transparency across all the teams in the boardroom might seem awkward, but it creates an open and honest environment of learning for each employee. This inspires us to know more about organizational growth.

Let’s have a glance at the all-hands meeting conducted for the review of September.   

People Management:

We celebrate with people and always focus on our employees’ growth. We always motivate them with activities that strengthen team morale. We have considerably enriched the nature of relationships with employees and employers by better understanding them. It’s equally important to recognize those who’ve been with the company for so long, and we value them.

As a token of gratitude for their loyalty and dedication, we have started celebrating our employees’ work anniversaries and reminding everyone of how long they’ve been part of Instarama.

Marketing and Sales Accomplishment:

marketing report

  • Adent:

Adent continues to go ahead with the remarkable marketing and sales efforts in September. As business solutions have a direct impact on sales revenue, it is one of our most stable performing products.

Adent has experienced considerable improvement in terms of organic traffic. The direct, referral, Quora, Paid search, and Social traffic had substantial improvements. It has also seen positive developments in the base and customized product sales. The marketing strategies and planning is helping the sales team to highlight the ROI of the product and thus reinforcing the value to our customers.

  • ShopyGen:

As one of the top-performing products, Shopygen has managed to continue with the success factor, thanks to the hard work and efficient marketing strategies the team. The previously set goals have helped the product to come with stability in the market.

Despite some decline in traffic from multiple sources, Shopygen achieved a noteworthy improvement in terms of sales. The efforts of the post-sales team paid, and we got most of our sales this month on customized products. We hope to improve the sales funnel in terms of base product sales. Optimistically, the marketing team will give their best to improve on the traffic sources as well.

  • StreamHash:

Streamhash has experienced immense progress in marketing with critical success factors. The major shares of the traffic were held by organic and referral sources, which has increased by 5% and 40% respectively.

The social media, direct, and Quora traffic provided strengths to maintain better efforts. However, we noticed a moderate sales figure in September for streamhash. We are optimistic and have confidence in our sales and marketing team. We will excel and undoubtedly recover the positive figures both in terms of base and customized product sales.

  • PinLearn:

PinLearn is steering to a furthermost level in the competitive e-learning market. Despite ongoing product developments, the marketing team is continuing with efforts and strategies to get better traffic and brand awareness.

There is no doubt that Pinlearn is one of the most cutting-edge solutions from Instarama. Despite being in the beginning phase, it’s already attracting entrepreneurs from around the globe in a highly competitive e-learning arena. It will see a massive improvement in the future once we are done with some major upgradation to it.

  • PushMaze:

Pushmaze progressively becomes stable in the market with new techniques and marketing efforts. The organic, direct, referral and social traffic are considerably going good in PushMaze. We are also working with the latest push marketing trends for the upgradation of the product.

This product has the potential to disrupt the push marketing tools market. We are motivated and working continually on excelling in both the marketing and development part.

  • StartupWhale:

Startupwhale is our blog sharing platform for entrepreneurs and it’s already growing at a swift pace. The entrepreneurs, content curators, and startup businesses are keen to publish quality content on this website.

We would like to thank our esteemed contributors who have been sending us valuable content for publication. With combined efforts from the marketing and content development teams, this blog is going to become a one-stop solution for the startupreneurs.

Feedback and Improvement:

The valuable feedback from the QA team acts as a catalyst for perfect business solutions. The bug-free improvements across all products and adding new features to products give us major support in achieving sales accomplishments.

Although it might seem redundant to do it each month, having these regular checks helps us to identify any shortcomings and makes our products valuable in the market. The QA team always recaps which project has undergone, what’s been released, and what’s coming next.



We always try to manage how we performed last month. Thus, we set a target comparing last month’s achievement and boost the performances of every team for the upcoming month. We always aim to improve the value of our products and services for our clients. We pin our hope for the upcoming festive season sale by setting stiff targets. We are well prepared for the upcoming three months festive season with a multi-pronged approach to meet the targets.

Star Performer of the Month: Amit Baskaran

Amit B

After measuring the performance of all employees, Amit Bhaskaran came out to be the best performer for September.

Achieving product quality is a major challenge for the quality assurance (QA) team. And fortunately, Amit has made it as part of organizational DNA to ensure that quality targets are met. His dedication, punctuality, and taking ownership of projects made him the best performer of the month. His professional approach towards his daily task is truly praiseworthy. His efforts and contributions to numerous projects are crucial for the organization.

Congrats Amit! You deserve the recognition and title.

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