All Hands Meeting – June, 2019

Half a year is over. On the midst of the year in June, we finally experienced and convinced that we’ve been working on for weeks dedicatedly. The reflected work of each employee on the pathway of growth is really phenomenal through these days. When you look closer at the overview of two hours of all hands meeting at the boardroom, you’ll start to feel the objective. Let’s dive in to know!!!

We started the meeting with a welcome retreat to new hires and highlight accomplishments of last month followed by demonstrating the values of each employee. With the reinforcement of accountability, identification of the core competency, and articulating the vision, all employees provided their action plans for next month.

Marketing and Sales Accomplishment:


  • The positive aspects continue to go ahead with the remarkable marketing and sales in efforts in Adent.
  • Adent experienced an enormous improvement in the overall total users which has increased by 18.20%, total new user by 19.05%, total sessions by 14.40%.
  • The organic, direct, referral, Quora, Paid search, and Socials increased consistently and every channel has achieved improvements.
  • The sales department has almost reached its target and thus strengthening the value to the customer by providing better support.
  • Adent has also experienced an increase in substantial development in the base and customized products.


  • ShopyGen always managed to continue with the success factor with great marketing strategies.
  • The analytics and previously set goals helped the products a lot in the market.
  • The social media, organic, direct, and referral provided strengths to maintain better efforts.
  • The Sales team achieved a massive improvement and managed to sell base products thriving in the market. Gentack and Genstore saw significant improvements in terms of sales.


  • PinLearn is navigating to a furthermost level in the e-learning market.
  • The organic visitors were quite equivalent to the last month. The referral traffic improved by 3%.
  • Despite the product development, the marketing team has considerably managed to continue the efforts. The team worked thoroughly to obtain more strategies to draw traffic from different sources.


  • The month of June for StreamHash saw moderate marketing and received a little decline in terms of organic, direct, and referral.
  • However, we managed to grow notably in terms of paid search and Quora traffic.
  • In terms of sales, it has managed to sell both base products and customizations on many products.
  • It has experienced immense progress in marketing with a critical success factor.


  • PushMaze is gradually stabilizing in the market with new techniques and marketing efforts.
  • The organic, direct, and social traffic has improved and doing well in PushMaze.


  • The ultimate goal for Startuphwhale is to feature the startupreneurs and their ideas in one platform.
  • The marketing team is continuously working to outreach the bloggers.

Feedbacks and Improvements:

Great company culture comes down to only one thing: – Employee. The organization defines the values and mission, but ultimately, it’s up to the team members to follow. And that starts with having a cohesive team in the first place that willing to trade ideas. We believe the feedback from the employees is very essential to connect the vision of the company.

We captivate the reviews and feedbacks from everyone positively. With the ongoing development of projects, the feedback truly helps us to shape small improvements in large aspects. Each team is working with passion on the feasibility studies to make some great difference to our products in the future.


Working on feedback is the most effective way for growth in the ongoing process. To attain a larger goal, we are constantly reviewing the processes and strategies.

The feedbacks of our QA team is equally needed for improvisation. The overview of improvement of June QA report is as follows:

  • xFans testing and documentation
  • Pushmaze v2 testing
  • GenBnb retesting fixed issues
  • xMagazine testing payment gateway integration
  • Genstore minor issues
  • Xstreamer lite testing


As we know, June is the month where half a place is filled with rain. Beautiful colors of flowers sparkle as nature gives peace of mind. The targets are also set for the upcoming half year is also sparkle in each and every employee’s mind.


All employees work constantly for continuous product enhancements and to increase quality traffics with a set target and goal with them. Each team is working flawlessly to enhance the growth of the organization. Moreover, the next month will come with a quick revive.

Star Performer of the Month: Nithin

Nithin Ganesh

It’s a great way for everyone to publicly recognize each other in all-hands meeting. But it’s very difficult to choose with the team of dedicated professionals working honestly for the company.

The star performer for this month is Nitin. Based on the values and work in the past couple of months, Nitin managed the sales and post-sales necessities of each customer persistently. Nitin has always worked with extensive participation of all team members with enthusiasm.

He worked dedicatedly to reach new heights with innovative strategic tactics in the sales team. His individual efforts and contribution towards all the projects handled by him are crucial. His unparalleled efforts made him the star performer of the month.

We applaud your determination and effort you have demonstrated on the Sales. We are really proud to have you on board and offer our congratulations on your service milestone. Congrats Nitin!!! You truly deserve the recognition.

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