Peek Inside Instarama’s New Office

Work environment always impacts the employee’s mood, drive, and performance. To feel confident and motivated, the employees need to work in a friendly atmosphere. Thus it will create a productive work environment and give success to the company.

As the employees spend more than one-third of their time in office, and in order to retain the top talent, we fostered the environment that empowers the employees with the right space of work.

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The open plan layout of the new office is fantastic. We are setting a new standard for workplace and we believe all the team should work collaborate with a happier, healthier, and more productive work environment.


We’ve been in our new office space in Electronic city phase-1 in Bengaluru for 1 month. We put a lot of thought into the design and its amenities. Let’s take a virtual tour here with this blog.

Old office!!!

While we planned to shift the old office, there is a bit of nostalgia about leaving the old office for everyone. We enjoyed a lot and had good times there. We grew and developed at the creative energy space. We had a fond of memories about the co-working space, the garden, and the surroundings. Well, after all finally we shifted to our fully owned office space. That’s really a great achievement for us.

New Office space!!!

Instarama office

Focused on elegant design, we are creating a delightful experience for our employees. The entrance area is giving a welcoming oasis for the employees and visitors.

The interior rooms feature glass walls which allow the sunlight directly to stream on the workspace.

Our old office had only one meeting room. Now the three meeting rooms have plenty of areas filled with whiteboards and other necessary presentation equipment. These conference halls provide additional space for meeting and discussions.

The open office layout provides the employees to retreat if they need solitude to concentrate. It provides a room for focusing on a difficult project.

The team can find an informal meeting space near the game area just adjacent to the cafeteria.

The best thing at our new space is that it enables the whole team to sit together for lunch at the rooftop space.

With easy access to natural light, collaborative spaces, and private meeting rooms, employees can enhance their productivity and satisfaction.

Everyone has their own dedicated space. However, sitting all day at the same place can be exhausting. A change in place can also spark creativity. So the employees can use some versatile spaces according to comfort like bean bags, bar stools, etc.

Hired great team members!!!

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As the larger office space gives us plenty of room both for the existing staff and new ones, we have added a few more employees to our team since moving. And yes, we are constantly growing.

We hired the right people in the office to become more successful in the market. The new employees are professional and team players which ultimately impacts the working environment.

Working at a comfortable pace!!!

comfortable place

The ambiance of the new office is clean and attractive with the sun shines into the workplace. The relaxing atmosphere with comfortable furniture provides an extra mile to work. Thus the flexibility to work increases.

The quality workspace design of the office leads to a more productive and less stressful atmosphere.

All of the employees feel comfortable and calm in their physical work settings to produce their best work.


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A cup of coffee is needed for regular working employees to boost energy and to engage in intensive or complicated work. The cafeteria is great for casual chats, good conversations, and sharing new ideas with a cup of coffee or tea.

Fun activities on Friday!!!

Fun makes employees more happy and relaxed. We celebrate once in a month a fun Friday to make the employees more pleasant at the workspace. These happy hours create an entertaining environment among the employees.

Final Thoughts!!!

We are extremely excited about our new office. We look forward to serving the employees with more improved office surroundings.

We’re going to finish the other requirements in the next couple of weeks as there still slight twists needed and major works are there in the pipeline in order to make it a perfect one. It’s a work in progress. Soon we’ll add the things that will surely take on new meaning as we move forward.

And finally, we thank each and every employee for their support through the years. Thank you for joining us on our workspace tour! If you’re in the area, feel free to get in and visit us.

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