20 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Entrepreneurship is one a boom in the era of Startups and business ventures. If you have an idea, go for it. The perseverance does pay off in the long run. All you need is a change in perspective and a strong wish for what you want to achieve. And a great way to get into that desired mindset appears with a motivational movie! Movies are a great way to learn from others in an easy to understand manner.

You can obtain some powerful insights from these 20 entertaining films either if you are planning to start a new business venture or at a race of existing entrepreneur. Most of them are the true stories of the greatest minds world has ever seen. So, if you have missed watching these inspirations, grab your phone, open Netflix or anything you have, get inspired to do take the industry by storm.

The Pursuit of happyness: Never Ever Give Up!

This film is based on the true story of Chris Gardner, who is an American businessman, investor, author as well as philanthropist. The struggle from homelessness to Wall Street legend has been depicted in this movie. This true story traces the fleeting ups and frightening down of a father with adherence to keeping never give up dreams regardless of what obstacles come in the way.

Wall Street: Every dream has its price! Are you ready?

A young and impatient stockbroker who can do just about anything it takes to succeed with a little trading by admiring a ruthless and greedy corporate raider and a Wall Street shark, who takes the youth under his wing. With full of ambition, he does whatever he can to make his way to the top. He finds himself at the zenith of business, however, everything becomes morally reprehensible. This movie gives a perfect example that giving up principles in life for money comes with a high price.

Nightcrawler: Anyone can become anything

This movie is for people with great vision. The flawless acting of Jake Gyllenhaal’s will keep you engaged throughout the movie. This depicts about struggles of a guy who is looking for a job but can’t find one. However, he finds an ocean of opportunity after witnessing a crime and decides to become a crime journalist. This movie emphasizes persuasion and drive. It will teach how positive attributes can make you limitless just with a little focus on and steady improvements.

The Godfather: A timeless masterpiece

An iconic movie that has had more parodies spinning off its storyline. The script is quite phenomenal and breathtaking. The symbolism and meaning in every scene are countless. It is a story about the growth of a small family business in New York to the largest organized crime family. The father and son were the brains behind the family. It gives an insight into what it takes to become one of the significant family businesses in the country.

The Social Network: The biggest risk is not taking any risk 

This movie is based on the eventual success story of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.  It emphasizes how true entrepreneurs face challenges. Zuckerberg begins from a dorm room to give a global social network and a revolution in communication. This movie teaches important lessons to be resilient and flexible in life to change direction when needed. It shows the hall of fame, success and then how it leads to both personal and legal complications.

Pirates of Silicon Valley: Talent and Sweat matters at the end

This is a biographical, documentary-style film about two tech-giants (Steve Jobs and Bill Gates) in the globe. The enormous competitions between the two powerful persons to raise their own companies (Apple and Microsoft) with the fluctuating love-hate relationship in the world of technology. This is an inspirational tale with quite a few useful pointers for entrepreneurs.

Moneyball: Old Way Vs New Way

This is a true story based on Oakland A’s general manager Billy Bean. He proves the conventional wisdom of baseball is wrong by using computer-generated analysis and recruits players to build a powerhouse team. Although faced with the budget, Bean prepares to challenge the old tradition of playing basketball by recruiting bargain-bin players with a game-winning potential. His use of overall career statistics has revolutionized the basketball game.

The Intern: Equal opportunity knows no age 

It is very challenging to start a job after retirement, but a 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered the retirement as an opportunity to become a senior intern at an online fashion site. Being an intern, he becomes part of the company as a sincere employee followed by a young, tireless, dynamic, and workaholic founder Jules Ostin. His charm, wisdom, and sense of humor help him to develop a strong bond and friendship among all of the employees. He continues to be a source of support and inspiration for every employee in the organization.

Joy: Trust your inner voice

This is a story of a four-generation family, centered on one girl who completely revolutionized the mop industry and how the invention of the self-wringing mop turned her into a millionaire. The girl founds her own dynasty and becomes a true boss of family and enterprise. She achieves success by ignoring the betrayal and treachery with the scars of love. This is a must-watch movie for anyone who finds themselves as weak in the market.

The Corporation: Open your eyes, Learn the stuff

This film takes a good, long look at what happens when you take a business and model it to be legally an individual or a corporation. This is an eye-opening film about evil corporations and also what we can do to stop them from taking over everything that we know. This documentary shows the unsettling information and unusual details that came from the 14th Amendment, under constitutional law that corporations are seen as individuals. The filmmaker trying to find out what type of person would a corporation be.

Office Space: Humbleness is needed to build a better tomorrow

This movie is a perfect blend of modern office space with disrespectful, clueless management, monotonous work culture, and the mind-numbing routine of the entrepreneur. This is a story about how one man leads the existential office workplace into an unexcited place following his own path. A man who consistently starts to slack off and do things his own way, however, his careless nature starts to lead him stealing from the company in a much bigger way than he expected. This movie carries a powerful message about the importance of wearing the right amount of flair at all times.

Wolf of Wall Street: There is no nobility in poverty.

This movie depicts the rise of a wealthy stockbroker Jordan Belfort living the ultimate life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government. It’s an inspirational film how persistently Jordan Belfort puts a specific mission in his company to create an empire of business and how business cultures are created in fast-growth companies with negligible corruption.

Forrest Gump: Lifetime story

This story is about a simple man with a moderate level of IQ and good intentions, who accidentally becomes a successful man from living his life the best way. He leads anything in his life. He wins medals fighting for Vietnam Army, starts a ping-pong craze and becomes a professional ping-pong player, takes up running, owns a famous shrimping company, donates to people and meets the president several times, and inspires people with his optimism. This clearly states that it is not necessary to be a super genius to make something work, you just have to try.

The Aviator: Dream it! Build it!

An epic biographical drama film depicting about the Billionaire and Aviation Tycoon Howard Hughes’ career. The attention to detail and perfection strived him as a great personality. He faced many obstacles from competitors with malicious rumors, but nothing stopped him to achieve the goal. He happens to be a risk taker spending several fortunes in designing and promoting new aircraft despite having mental illness and germaphobia.

Risky Business: Make your move by anyway

This is again a good story about a Chicago teenager Joel Goodsen, overwhelmed with his dad’s Porsche to start a trip for fun when his parents leave on an unauthorized vacation for a few days. Suddenly he starts to realize a lot of money is needed for which he raised in a very creative way. It’s never as easy as he was expecting but interestingly managed to come up with some fast cash. Joel turns the house into a brothel to raise more money after meeting enthusiastic friends of him.

Catch Me If You Can: A master of deception

This is another true tale about a young guy who pretends to be another person for entertainment and fraud as an airline pilot, doctor, lawyer, and later as a history professor during his stint as fraudulent cheque casher. He worked as a brilliant forger in which he got the first real claim to fame. This is amazing how he managed to achieve in a tougher environment without taking the stress. He was one of the best at what he did though it’s legal or not.

Steve Jobs: Epicenter of Success

This movie tells details about a relatively determined, persistent personality, the founder of Apple Steve Jobs. Both the success and failures along with his struggle to keep Apple a leading organization with the innovation of technology has depicted in this movie. The story unfolds the launch of different iconic products with his passion and ingenuity by overcoming internal conflict inside his company. A must see movie for entrepreneurs.

Shawshank Redemption: Hope is a walking dream 

This is one of the greatest films of all time because of its undeniable greatness.

It’s the story of a man who is sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison with the worst possible conditions for false imprisonment for the murder of his cheating wife and lover. During the brutality of prison life, he experiences a bad situation, however, he adapts it and manages to make the best from it while helping the warden, etc during his prison through perseverance.

Glengarry Glen Ross: Embrace the highs and lows of life

This is a perfect story about what happens behind the world of sales. The movie gives an accurate time-capsule when business values money, and sales, above all else. This gives a lesson in how not to run a sales department and how to manage during high-pressure sales with all its highs and lows.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Best, Worst, and Capitalize

This is the story about two con men in good and bad times. They unsuccessfully attempt to work together in a town which is not big enough for both of them on the Mediterranean coast. Therefore, they decide to take part in a bet and the loser leaves the town and the winner to look after the business after winning the bet. This bet brings out the worst and best parts in both of them with an interesting twist.

Now you got to know about a few inspirational movies that you should definitely watch as an entrepreneur! Perhaps one day we can find about your success as a successful entrepreneur.

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