Introducing StreamTunes – SoundCloud Clone Script

It was back in 2005; they introduced Pandora to music lovers. The ability to listen to the music without filling the phone storage enticed smartphone users. Soon music streaming became a standard way, and people adopted this trend with complete acceptance. Pandora became a success story in the modern music industry.

Gradually, this shift from traditional music browsing gave rise to the online community of music lovers with SoundCloud’s music streaming and storage service. SoundCloud deviated from the regular way. Instead of asking users to listen to the uploaded music from the platform, it allowed users to upload their own music and listen to it anytime from anywhere. 

Now, in 2019, music streaming has become a standard way to browse songs. SoundCloud is the fourth highest used app for audio streaming services. 34.2% of the total US market share to be exact.

Introducing StreamTunes- Our own SoundCloud clone script

In the league of video streaming services, Instarama, under its brand, StreamHash, announces its first audio streaming script- StreamTunes. A SoundCloud clone script capable of creating SoundCloud-like business in a few hours.

StreamTunes is a ready-made framework to start your own music streaming service if you are planning in lines with the very popular SoundCloud service. It’s a fully customizable white-labeled solution coming with a complete package of WebRTC and mobile apps to kick start your own online music portal.

How does StreamTunes work?

StreamTunes is dedicated music streaming app builder. It offers multiple ways to generate active as well as passive income for the business owners.

Using StreamTunes SoundCloud clone, you can create a repository of music files and share to stream them from anywhere on any device. It gives a platform similar to YouTube video sharing community. Users can upload their audio files and share with other users on the platform.

Whom does StreamTunes cater to?

Sell your own music

The script is best suited to music artists who want to start their own music streaming services and give exposure to their creations. With a highly active community, linked with the social media platforms, they can achieve the best coverage for their music.

Sell other’s music

Even if you are not a music artist, you can use the script to create a music platform for other artists. You can let them create and share their music while you will earn from the Ad revenue as YouTube earns. Moreover, you can also add a premium subscription package, where users will pay to browse the music for the subscription period.

Tech Stack of StreamTunes

We have used the best tech stack to develop a turnkey solution for the music streaming business. Here is a glimpse of the fundamentals-

Features of StreamTunes

Here is a highlight of some cutting edge features of the SoundCloud App-

  • Seamless Audio Streaming: Nonstop audio streaming with no latency via the popular jPlayer audio streaming engine.
  • User Subscription: Subscription based membership model for revenue generation.
  • Banner Promotion: Banner-Ads promotion for passive income generation through content promotion.
  • Dynamic Admin Panel: Dynamic Admin Panel to manage the platform across all channels via central location.
  • SEO Friendly: SEO in StreamTunes to get you more quality traffic/visitors through organic search.
  • Stripe Payment Gateway: Integrated Stripe payment gateway for on-site transactions.
  • Native Mobile App: A native Android and iOS apps for scaled popularity across all the platforms.
  • Audio download: Make your tracks available offline for seamless streaming without internet.
  • Artists and Album Tagging: Tag Artist and Albums to for precise indexing, accurate search results, and tidy tracks organization.
  • Add to Favorites and Queue: Create a custom queue with your favorite track in the list in a particular order.
  • Social Sharing: Social media APIs for social login and social sharing of songs/playlist with friends.
  • Push Notifications: API for push notification service to support push alerts for different activities.

Sell on your own website/app now

Create your own music streaming platform and sell the way you want. Knowingly, having your own platform will give you a 100% share of revenue generated, and offer you the control on the monetization methods.  Despite which channel you pick, your followers will dependably realize where to discover your music and recent manifestations.

  • No middle-men
  • No commission to pay
  • No cut to pay from the revenue
  • 100% Royalty
  • 100% access to the fans’ data for outreach
  • 100% ownership of your own brand

SoundCloud clone -StreamTunes is your best bet

SoundCloud is one of the most popular music streaming apps. With this clone script, you can adopt an identical business model to start your own music streaming business. Try out our demo and experience the software before buying it. Test each of the features and tell us if you need any extra paid customization to it. We have got everything covered for you within your requirements and budget.

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