All Hands Meeting Highlights [March 2019]

Many Backgrounds, One Report:

We believe that different perspectives in the workplace can lead to better business ideas. With the needs and interests of the global community, we’re constantly working to create a more trusting and collaborative environment at Instarama. We have seen extensive participation of all team members with enthusiasm, feedback, integrity, and accountability to make the gathering more prosperous.

Marketing and Sales Accomplishments:


  • The positive vibes continue to anticipate success in the sales and marketing numbers in Adent in the welcome season of spring.
  • Adent experienced a massive improvement in the overall total users which has increased by 13.87%, total new user by 13.16%, total sessions by 12.80%.
  • It has achieved an immense growth rate of208.83% in social with several sign-ups and inquiries, which of course, is a noticeable figure.
  • The Referral has increased by 24.89% and organic traffic by 6.86%.
  • The sales department saw significant achievements in terms of sales for the base as well as customized products.


  • The efforts for social media marketing, the referral, and organic traffic performed well for the Shopygen.
  • As the toughest product, Shopygen managed to sell base products well in the market.
  • Moreover, the sales department got a decent improvement, while the majority of the sales were from customizations.


  • StreamHash saw groundbreaking marketing along with the upcoming new customizations.
  • StreamHash received a minor decline in traffic in terms of organic and direct, however, we managed to grow notably in terms of social media and Quora traffic.
  • In terms of sales, StreamHash has managed to sell both base products and customizations on many of them.


  • Pushmaze has led the board as the referral traffic increased by 66%, Quora by 31%, organic traffic by 31%.
  • The top contributors for the significant traffic were organic sources, direct traffic accompanied by social media platforms.


  • PinLearn also saw a significant steer as both organic visitors improved by 9.28% and Quora traffic by 19.67% despite the shortest month.
  • An immense growth has been coined in terms of the new user registration as compared with the last two months.
  • PinLearn has also managed to provide an addendum to its strategic plan to increase traffic rates geographically.

Feedback and Improvements:


We are getting future customers ready by taking the feedbacks and reviews positively. The team always have the vibe of rethinking along with the ability to explore for showing better performance with the ongoing development of projects. The feedback of every customer truly helped us to shape small improvements in multiple aspects. The entire team is also working with passion and dynamism on the feasibility studies to make some great difference to our products in the future.

Customizations and upcoming Products:

We deploy new enhancements regularly. This allows us to find out the issues, react quickly to problems, and helps to immediately work on different innovative products. The product upgrades and customizations for StreamView iOS App’s – Swift conversion, TubeNow 4.0 website, and Android would be able to release by the end of the coming month. Version 2.0 of Pushmaze, TubeNow- is going through customization with the inclusion of many added features.


  • We aim for continuous product enhancements and to increase quality traffics for all of our products.
  • The team is working flawlessly to increase the traffic and to maintain a minimal bounce rate in all projects.
  • We plan to amplify the presence of social media customers to engage more with the products.
  • Moreover, the next month data will definitely show some quick revive.

Star Performer of the Month: Vinay


Vinay has worked dedicatedly with enthusiasm and spirits to reach new heights in the department of content development with his new strategic tactics. He worked collaboratively with all the teams to deliver the content on time. The individual efforts and contribution towards all the projects were very crucial for the organization. His sole efforts and unparalleled dedication are definitely to be appreciated. Congrats Vinay!!! You deserve the recognition.

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