Instarama’s all Hands Meeting – (November 2018)

Focusing on the purpose of steering, not just another monthly meetup, but also a way to build team bonding and appreciate everyone’s efforts, we started realizing all hands meetings a few months ago. Proving a wise move, the event helped us capitalizing the moments to let everyone come up with the ideas and contribute to the organizations’ growth on a wide scale. The workforce took no time to adopt this new trend and participated with the unmatched enthusiasm.

All Hands Meeting Nov 3

The November’s All Hand Meeting was a great success. The smartly tuned presentations, well-prepared goals, comprehensive comparisons with the preceding month’s statistics, gave us a vibrant picture of where we are heading and what else is to be done.

Best Performer for the Month

It was never this tough. We already had the bests among us. However, the title added a spice to the contest, as we started observing everyone giving his or her best to claim the title. After a close combat and analyzing the employees on the toughest conducts, we could sort two of the best Instarama warriors who made to the list-

  • Srividya Sigamani: Demonstrating as the best among the bests, she made to the list because of her exceedingly dedicated approach to take StreamHash to the elevations. StreamHash was one of the top grossing products for the month. It was not possible without a well-planned marketing, which Srividya enthusiastically carried on. Moreover, everyone at Instarama mutually agrees to her professional, punctual, and dedicated attitude.


  • Nitin: The best performing products of Instarama- Adent and Shopygen could only do that with a combined effort of the sales and marketing team. Taking all the responsibilities of the sales department, Nitin is no less deserving than anyone at the organization is. He has been making to the list for the past three consecutive months. It is an achievement in itself alone.


After evaluating the sorted candidates on the grounds like work dedication, punctuality, professionalism and achievements in the allotted targets, we settled on Srividya as the best performer of the month. Her individual efforts in managing the marketing of StreamHash indisputably deserve to be valued and no one disagreed to the merit she had achieved with her responsibilities. Congrats Srividya! You are the perfect candidate for this title this month.

All Hands Meeting Nov

Marketing and Sales Accomplishments

Receiving a groundbreaking stat, Adent saw a 50% increase in the sign-ups, followed by a 20% rise in the traffic from organic sources and pushing the overall traffic to increase by 10% in total. Positively, we saw a considerable decrease in the bounce rates from Organic, Direct, and Quora traffic as well. With top traffic originating from the USA, Adent experienced a profuse growth in the sales figures. Top grossing products included xCams, xStreamer, and xScorts.

All Hands Meeting Nov1

Following the same path, StreamHash and ShopyGen too came up with some impressive stats in terms of sales and marketing. StreamHash received 45% growth in the traffic from the organic sources, which was accompanied by the remarkable 39% increase in the direct traffic.  Likewise, ShopyGen grew by 19% in terms of organic traffic, followed by a 7% boost in the direct and 19% push to the Quora traffic. In terms of sales, both ShopyGen and StreamHash were impressive and we could record some unprecedented figures here. Credit goes to the customization requirements, where we added some new features to the base products as per the clients’ requirements.

Pushmaze led the board in terms of marketing achievements, where we could boost the total traffic by over 10%. Top contributors to this impressive stat were organic sources, direct traffic, and referral sources. In fact, Pushmaze was one of the products to receive a remarkable growth in term of social media traffic and referrals.

Next, follows the PinLearn, which saw some minor decline in the overall traffic. However, sooner, we were relaxed by the stats proving the product is growing in terms of organic and direct traffic, and the bounce rates are declining too.


The targets were clear. We need some groundbreaking ideas to improve social media referrals for all the products. Moreover, despite a gradual decrease, spam traffic is still disturbing. We agreed on some rigorous approaches to cope with the spam. Optimistically, the next month data will show some quick results.

We are aiming at repeat sales by offering loyalty discounts. Moreover, the customization requirements are still our priority as they help us to embrace some restructured features for our base products. The positive engagement from Australia is encouraging, and we are hoping to get some big deals from there too. The team is conducting research on Australian standards; buoyantly we have most of the requirements already fulfilled.

Additionally, to boost up the content marketing efforts, we agreed on many aspects to be introduced in the marketing tactics. Strategies like case study publications, more how-to articles, affiliate campaigns, were few of the elements we agreed on targeting this month. We also settled on some new and trending keywords for content marketing.

Product Upgrades

Our developers are always working on something new. Be it product customization or upgrade to an existing product, we prefer staying ahead of the market. Hence, product upgrades and customizations remain two major topics for discussion in all our all-hands meetings.

Version 2 of the Genstore from Shopygen is still is development, optimistically, we would be able to release the same by the end of the month with one new product launch called UberX. StreamHash is going through major customizations with the inclusion of features like Screen Sharing, Video Archive, iPad app, and Android TV App. The multi-lingual support for all the products is also on our list.

Feedback and improvements

Taking a cue from clients’ feedback and many of the repeat queries, we have made a list of the features in demand. The team is enthusiastically working on the feasibility studies, to determine if they can make some great difference to our products. In the coming months, several new features are going to be added to the products. Moreover, the in-house team too came up with many ideas to improve our sales, marketing, product features, and internal operations. Confidently, we would be able to implement if not all then most of them in the immediate future.

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